Transforming Pathology Services with Digital Pathology and AI

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Cindy Dartez

Lynn Brock Innovation Presentation

February 2024—National Sales Meeting, Houston, Texas
Recognizing the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, Sagis has adopted a revolutionary approach to its pathology services by incorporating digital pathology into its strategic framework.

Key Highlights

  • Technological Evolution: Sagis has embraced cutting-edge digital pathology to streamline diagnostics and boost efficiency. This transition aims to reduce operational costs and courier delays while enabling real-time collaboration among pathologists across various locations.
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Workflow: Leveraging advanced technology, Sagis plans to optimize diagnostic processes, empowering pathologists with integrated AI algorithms that facilitate specimen pre-screening. This ensures a prioritized and efficient workflow, ultimately enhancing patient care.

Lynn Brock

“We believe that digital pathology is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic move towards a more sustainable and efficient future. By partnering with Gestalt, we aim to provide our pathologists with a state-of-the-art platform that aligns with our commitment to excellence,” said Lynn Brock, CIO at Sagis. “Through an exhaustive comparison of features and applications, Gestalt emerged as the vendor that best met our requirements in clinical, research, and educational domains, solidifying our commitment to technological advancement in healthcare.”

Digital Pathology and AI Factors

Sagis’s decision to adopt digital pathology was driven by multiple factors, including significant cost-saving potential by eliminating the need for daily courier services and addressing challenges posed by weather conditions and unforeseen disruptions. Additionally, the integration of AI allows pathologists to begin their day with pre-screened specimens, enhancing diagnostic efficiency. The flexibility of remote work enabled by digital pathology also helps attract and retain pathologists, addressing the challenges of a shrinking talent pool and positioning Sagis as a leader in innovative healthcare employment.

Lynn Brock Innovation Presentation

Gestalt COO and Chief Strategy Officer Lisa-Jean Clifford remarked, “This shift represents a significant milestone in Sagis’s commitment to delivering high-quality pathology services while embracing the opportunities presented by digital innovation. We are proud to work with innovative laboratories like Sagis, who have a broad vision for expansion and technology use, positively impacting patient care and the broader healthcare ecosystem.”

This strategic move to digital pathology revolutionizes Sagis’s operational framework and sets a benchmark for innovation in the healthcare sector.

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