Surgical Pathology & Cytopathology Overview

Delivering Expertise in Subspecialty Pathology

At the heart of our anatomic and clinical pathology services lies an unwavering dedication to advancing patient care. Our team of subspecialty-trained pathologists collaborates seamlessly on complex cases, harnessing the latest surgical and diagnostic tools to arrive at precise diagnoses. They are also available for one-on-one consultations with our clients, offering expert insights and in-depth explanations of diagnoses. 

With a commitment to excellence and a collaborative spirit, we strive to provide unparalleled diagnostic solutions that empower both healthcare providers and their patients.

Sagis Leading Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Services

Hospital-Based Pathology

Our pathologists have experience serving community hospitals as clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory directors. In addition, they actively participate in hospital leadership committees to ensure the integration of diagnostic medicine among hospital departments.

Our hospital-based services include:

  • Regulatory Oversight (CAP, CLIA, JCAHO)
  • Representation in Hospital Committees
  • Intra-operative Consultation (Frozen Sections)
  • Cytological Adequacy Assessment
  • Clinical Pathology Support, including Blood Bank and Infection Control

Surgical Pathology

Our surgical pathologists provide accurate and fast diagnoses for elevated patient care. Through subspecialty training and board certifications in a variety of areas, including urologic, breast, GI, gynecologic, dermatologic, and orthopedic pathology, we provide unmatched expertise.

Additionally, Sagis has the capacity for onsite scheduled intraoperative consultations (frozen sections), if applicable. Let us evaluate your surgical requirements and determine the suitability of a frozen section lab at your facility.

Urologic Pathology

The Sagis urologic pathology team is led by Dr. Thomas Wheeler, a preeminent figure renowned nationally and internationally for his unparalleled proficiency in GU/prostate pathology. Our team’s collective wisdom and acumen allow you to “Get the Second Opinion First” for an unmatched healthcare experience. Committed to advancing patient care, our pathologists graciously offer insights through phone consultations, ensuring that timely and reliable diagnoses are readily accessible.


At Sagis, we combine the power of flow cytometry testing, specialized molecular genetic pathology expertise, and ancillary services, including cytogenetics and FISH, to deliver precise and trustworthy diagnoses. As a testament to our commitment to exceptional care, our board-certified hematopathologists are easily accessible for text, phone, email, and video conferencing consultations.

Our experienced pathologists offer invaluable expertise by carefully assessing each case to recommend the most suitable and advantageous testing, ensuring optimal patient outcomes. Count on Sagis for unparalleled diagnostic solutions and expert guidance.

GI/Hepatobiliary Pathology

Our Sagis GI/Hepatobiliary pathologists take pride in offering unparalleled expertise backed by fellowship training. In addition to our team’s extensive experience and exceptional consultative abilities, our LIS system provides diagnostic reports that include schematic diagrams of the biopsy sites to enhance your understanding of each diagnosed case. Recognizing the urgency for accurate and swift diagnoses, our GI pathologists value both quality and efficiency.

Our commitment to maintaining the fidelity of specimens is unwavering, thanks to our meticulous laboratory processes fortified with rigorous checks and balances. With a steadfast focus on patient well-being, we ensure the right diagnosis is delivered to the right patient at the right time.



We take pride in our dedicated team of board-certified cytopathologists who provide accurate and reliable diagnostic services at Sagis. Our vast selection of testing services includes meticulous evaluations of FNA samples, urinary cytology specimens, superficial masses, samples from various other organs, and body fluids.

Additionally, our facility stands as a trusted reference lab for esteemed institutions across the country. Whether you seek consultations for challenging cases or primary diagnoses for timely interventions, Sagis delivers precise and insightful cytopathology services you can depend on.

Meet Our Pathology Specialists

Thomas M. Wheeler
Director of Surgical & Cytopathology
Urologic Pathology, Thyroid Pathology
Nyasha Bullock
Gynecologic Pathology, GI Pathology, Cytopathology
Mhair Dekmezian
Robyn Gaffney
Breast Pathology, Gynecologic Pathology, Surgical & Hospital, Cytopathology
Mahmoud Goodarzi
GI Pathology
Jason Gregorio
GI Pathology, Gynecologic Pathology, Surgical & Hospital
Brian Y. Merritt
Director of Molecular Pathology
Jordana Paine
Laboratory Director, Huntsville Memorial Hospital
Cytopathology, Hematopathology, Surgical & Hospital
Stephen Samuel
Laboratory Director, St. Joseph Medical Center
Hematopathology, Gynecologic Pathology, Cytopathology, Surgical & Hospital