Billing Overview

Your bills are now PAPERLESS!

Once all insurance payments and discounts have been applied, you will receive a notification from Sagis, PLLC.

Patients who receive their statements via text or email will be able to manage their accounts online using secure and convenient self-service tools.

After clicking on the link provided, the following self-service options are available:

  • View your current balance and statement details
  • Make a full or partial payment
  • Enroll in an autopayment plan

Call Sagis Diagnostics for Billing Assistance at (877) 787-9677.

What to expect from the laboratory diagnostic process:

  1. To provide you with the highest quality medical care, your healthcare provider has sent your specimen to Sagis Diagnostics for testing.
  2. The Sagis team of laboratory experts and board certified pathologists review your specimen and ensure your doctor receives an accurate diagnosis.
  3. Sagis submits the claim to your insurance, not your physician. Your insurance company will then determine if any payment is due based on your health care coverage.
  4. If the insurance company determines that payment is due from you, Sagis will send you a bill that is due upon receipt. Your doctor will not have information about the statement you receive from Sagis.

In-Network Managed Care Lists

We accept major health insurance plans. We also work well with out-of-network benefits and non-insured patients to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for your patients. These lists may not be complete as our health plan participation continuously changes.

No Surprises Act – Consumer Rights and Protection

The No Surprises Act protects consumers who get coverage through their employer (including a federal, state, or local government), through the Health Insurance Marketplace®, or directly through an individual health plan, beginning January 2022.