Nicole Reusser Bender, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist & Dermatopathologist
Dr. Bender

Dr. Nicole Reusser Bender is board certified in dermatology and dermatopathology with the American Board of Dermatology. In 2015 she earned her medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, with a scholarly concentration in Nanomedicine and Biomedical Engineering. She completed her internal medicine internship and dermatology residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where she served as Chief Resident from 2018-2019.

Dr. Bender was an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Florida Department of Dermatology, leading the inpatient dermatology consult service and supporting resident education. She then completed her dermatopathology fellowship with the University of Florida. Dr. Bender has conducted and participated in extensive research over the last decade, including publishing various basic science and clinical study articles as well as review articles and textbook chapters.


Fellowship Training

The University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Residency Training

The Medical College of Wisconsin
Wauwatosa, WI

Medical School

The University of Texas Health Science Center
Houston, TX


Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

Board Certifications


American Board of Dermatology


American Board of Dermatology


American Board of Dermatology

American Academy of Dermatology

American Society of Dermatopathology

Research & Publications

Dr. Nicole Bender’s research studies and publication work is extensive and quite impressive. Publication categories include textbook chapters, medical reviews, and various clinical publications.

  • Case REPORT Am J Dermatopathology – JUNE 2020; 42(6):455-7.
    Rubella Vaccine Persistence within Cutaneous Granulomas in Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorder (CVID). Nicole R. Bender, Leah Cardwell, Dawn Siegel, and Olayemi Sokumbi.
  • Case REPORT J Cutan Pathol – Dec. 2019; 46(12): 960-4.
    Cutaneous Metastases of Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Leah Cardwell, Nicole R. Bender, and Olayemi Sokumbi.
  • Case REPORT Journal of cutaneous pathology – SepTEMBER 2018; 46(1): cover quizlet
    Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis with prominent nail involvement. Nicole R. Bender, Alisen E. Seline, Dawn H. Siegel, and Olayemi Sokumbi.
  • Case series ear nose throat journal – July 2017; 96(7): E7-E11.
    Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage Rates in Children Compared by Surgical Technique. Nicole M. Reusser, Robert W. Bender, Nikhil A. Agrawal, James T. Albright, Newton O. Duncan, and Joseph L. Edmonds.
  • Case REPORT JAAD Case Reports – July 2015; 1(5): 257-260
    An unusual case of cytotoxic peripheral T-cell lymphoma. Casey Wang, Nicole M. Reusser, Megan Shelton, Jace Reed, Hung Doan, Carlos Torres-Cabala, Bouthaina Dabaja, and Madeleine Duvic.
  • Case REPORT dermatology online journal – May 18, 2015; 21(5)
    Zosteriform metastasis of rectal adenocarcinoma: a case report. Nicole M. Reusser, Wesley Wu, and Mohsin Mir.
  • Case REPORT journal of dermatology and clinical research – January 2015; 3(2): 1043.
    Psoriasis and HIV: Rupioid psoriasis, an uncommon presentation. Natalia Mendoza, Betty Yang, Krishna Patibandla, and Nicole M. Reusser.
  • Case series International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology – August 2015, 79(8): 1320-3
    Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Reinnervation: a Case Series and Analysis of Post-Operative Outcomes. Zachary Farhood, Nicole M. Reusser, Robert W. Bender, James T. Albright, Apurva A. Thekdi, and Joseph L. Edmonds.
  • Case REPORT – Derm Clinics, the clinical advisor
    Purple papules in arcuate pattern on African American male genitalia. Nicole M. Reusser, and Maura Holcomb.
  • Case REPORT dermatology online journal – February 2015, issue 20-2
    Cutaneous Metastasis of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma to the Neck: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Nicole M. Reusser, Maura Holcomb, Bhuvaneswari Krishnan, Ted Rosen, and Ida F. Orengo.
Book Chapters
    Morphology of the Skin, Evaluation of the Patient, Eczematous Disorders, Photosensitivity, and Diseases of the Epidermis. Nicole R. Bender, and Yvonne E. Chiu.
  • TEXTBOOK CHAPTER Dermatology – Moschella & Hurley, fourth edition
    Transplant Dermatology. Nicole R. Bender, Edit Olasz-Harken.
  • Original Article – Submitted to nature
    Elucidation of PTPN11/SHP2 mosaicism challenges traditional embryology. Nicole R. Bender*, Satyamaanasa Polubothu*, Jana Travnickova*, Siobhan Muthiah*, Zhiqiang Zeng*, Charalambos Demetriou, Sony Malhotra, Markus Bohm, Sebastien Barbarot, Catherine Cottrell, Olivia Davies, Sara Barberan Martin, Eulalia Baselga, Nigel P. Burrows, Virginie Carmignac, Christine Fink, Holger A. Haenssle, Rudolf Happle, Mark Harland, Jacqueline Majerowski, Pierre Vabres, Marie Vincent, Julia Newton-Bishop, Dawn Siegel, Maya Topf, Neil Rajan, Beth Drolet, E. Elizabeth Patton*, and Veronica A Kinsler.
  • REVIEW ARTICLE Journal of clinical medicine – Jan. 29, 2015; 4(2): 260-81
    HPV Carcinomas in Immunocompromised Patients. Nicole M. Reusser, Christopher Downing, Jacqueline Guidry, and Stephen Tyring.
  • Oral presentation 2018 American society of dermatopathology meeting – November 15, 2018
    Acneiform Primary Cutaneous CD4+ Small/Medium Pleomorphic T-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorder: Defining an Unusual Presentation of a Rare Disease. Nicole R. Bender, Keri Chaney, and Olayemi Sokumbi.
  • Oral presentation 2018 Skincare in organ transplant patients annual meeting – April 20, 2018
    Transformation of eruptive Keratoacanthomas following intralesional chemotherapy into metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in a renal transplant patient. Edit Olasz-Harken*, Nathan Duncan, Julia Kasprzak, and Nicole R. Bender. *presenter
  • Poster presentation 2018 international investigative dermatology meeting – May 17, 2018
    Genetic transformation of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma keratoacanthoma-type following intralesional chemotherapy. Nicole R. Bender, Nathan Duncan, Ryan Schmid, Julia Kasprzak, Edit Olasz-Harken.
  • Oral presentation 2018 Pre-AAD society of pediatric dermatology meeting – Februrary 15, 2018
    Disfiguring cutaneous granulomatous dermatitis associated with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). NR Bender, S Schuckit, D Siegel, O Sokumbi, and B Drolet.
  • Poster presentation 2017 World congress of gastroenterology Meeting – October 15, 2017
    Rare skin metastasis following resection of cholangiocarcinoma. M Schwartz, NR Bender, BD Wilson, and K Christians.
  • Oral presentation 2017 Wisconsin dermatologic society fall meeting – October 14, 2017
    Granulomatous Dermatitis associated with Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorder. NR Bender, S Schuckit, and D Siegel.
  • Oral presentation 2016 Wisconsin dermatologic society fall Meeting – October 22, 2016
    Cryoglobulinemic vasculitis. NR Bender, and BD Wilson.
  • Poster presentation 2014 44th annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting – November 16, 2014
    The effect of social disruption stress on pain behaviors and cognitive deficits in chronic phase TMEV infection. HR Linsenbardt, JL Cook, EE Young, EG Vichaya, CR Young, NM Reusser, R Storts, CJ Welsh, and MW Meagher.
  • Poster presentation 2014 American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology Spring Conference – May 16, 2014
    Pediatric Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Re-innervation, a Case Report and Review of Surgical Decision Making in the Management of this problem. Nicole M. Reusser*, Robert W. Bender*, James T. Albright, Apurva A. Thekdi, and Joseph L. Edmonds.
  • Poster presentation 45th Society of Gynecologic Oncology Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer – March 24, 2014
    Not Your Mother’s Bisphosphonate: Targeting Angiogenesis in Ovarian Cancer. Heather J. Dalton, Nicole M. Reusser, Alexander Zien, Rebecca Ann Previs, Rajesha Rupaimoole, Behrouz Zand, Justin N. Bottsford-Miller, Alpa M. Nick, Robert L. Coleman, and Anil K. Sood.
    Tumor Angiogenesis Inhibition by Clodronate in Ovarian Cancer. N.M. Reusser, N. Jennings, H. Vasquez, S. Pradeep, A. Nagaraja, B. Shah, K. Gharpuk, Y. Wen, R. Rupaimoole, H. Dalton, T. Miyake, C. Pecot, J. Huang, J-H. Hong, W. Hu, and A.K. Sood.
  • Poster presentation 40th annual society for neuroscience meeting – November 15, 2010
    Social Stress Disrupts Virus-Specific Adaptive Immunity During Acute Theiler’s Virus Infection. Erin E. Young, Elisabeth G. Vichaya, Jennifer L. Cook, Nicole M. Reusser, C. Jane R. Welsh, and Mary W. Meagher.
  • Poster presentation 2009 HHMI NSF REU/RET poster session – August 02, 2009
    Detection of Cryptosporidium using Gold Nanoparticles. N.M. Reusser, S. Weigum, and R. Richards-Kortum.
Honors & Awards
  • Outstanding Teacher Award (MCW Medical School) 2017-2018
  • Sam Hwang Research Award (Departmental Award) 06/2018
  • Clinical Competency & Resident Evaluation Committee recognized “Exemplary Physician” 06/2016