Clinicians Overview

Providing Direct Access To What You Need, When You Need It

As a full service diagnostic partner, we ensure that each partnering clinician has access to everything they need to maintain quality patient care. With Sagis, you can obtain reports, order tests, request supplies and information, and view in-network coverage options.

Access Comprehensive Diagnostic Reports

Sagis consistently provides professional diagnostic reporting that offers conclusive information with clear and concise results. Click below to access your clinic’s reports.

Test Menus​

We offer the most accurate and reliable assays available, including the following:

  • Histology
  • Cytology
  • Drug Testing
  • Fungal & Wound Panels

Click below to view or download a test menu.

Test Menus
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Supplies & Requests

We prioritize fulfilling your requests swiftly, guaranteeing a seamless experience, and allowing you to focus on your essential tasks. Utilize one of our streamlined forms below to submit a request.

  • Clinical Supplies Order Form
  • Report Change
  • Sagis Consultation Request
  • Material Transfer
  • Digital Specimen

Insurance Coverage

Sagis accepts most major health plans, and we work seamlessly with out-of-network benefits and non-insured patients. Like you, we aim to help minimize the out-of-pocket expenses for patients.

Coverage listings may not be complete as our health plan participation continuously changes.

Insurance Coverage