Podiatric Education Overview

Delivering Collaborative and Specialized Podiatric Resident Education Opportunities

Sagis is excited to offer comprehensive podiatric resident education and training opportunities for the next generation of extraordinary medical professionals. We provide unique, collaborative educational resources for podiatry medical students and residents, connecting them with post-resident and fellowship opportunities.

Learn more about our comprehensive and collaborative podiatric resident education programs, specially designed with you in mind.

Podiatric Clinical Affairs Board

Podiatric Clinical Affairs Board

With founding members Dock Dockery, DPM, and Bryan Markinson, DPM, Sagis is bridging the gap between clinical pathology and podiatry. We’re honored to support the podiatric profession with individual clinical consultations and educational resources for both residents and practicing physicians.

This unique collaborative effort provides direct access to our Podiatric Clinical Affairs Board and further supports our efforts to be a Center of Excellence for Podiatric Pathology.

Podiatric Residency Training

Sagis is passionate about providing professional support to resident podiatrists and developing unique residency training and educational content that are best suited for you.

Our ultimate focus for podiatric residency training involves helping students further their academic and professional careers.

Podiatric Residency Training
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Podiatric Educational Collaboration

We take pride in designing premier training and educational resources for podiatric residency programs nationwide.

Our mission is to empower the next generation of podiatrists and support the ongoing advancement of the podiatric field, ensuring a bright and innovative future. Learn more about our collaborative team of exceptional podiatric, clinical consultants.

Biopsy Collection Videos

Our Biopsy Video Library is a specialized collection of demonstrative and educational videos conducted by Dr. Tom Davis, Sagis VP of Resident Education.

The biopsy collection videos cover topics from superficial shave and punch biopsies to supplies and set-up, as well as biopsy collection best practices.

Podiatric Biopsy Collection Videos