‘Extra-cute’aneous Pedi Derm

In this Tots to Teens Tidbits (T4) session on “Extra-Cute”aneous Pedi Derm, Dr. Nnenna Agim explores ocular & auricular findings in dermatology, equipping you with invaluable insights for delivering top-notch care to those affected.

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There are no specimen slides available for this interview session. Enjoy the session!

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Dr. Nnenna Agim is a pediatric and general dermatologist practicing in Dallas, Texas. She has interests in contact and atopic dermatitis, skin of color, vascular malformations, and genodermatoses, as well as performing purposeful procedures in these populations.

Dr. Agim attended medical school, internship, and residency at the University of Texas Southwestern, followed by fellowship at Baylor/Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. She then returned to UT Southwestern, where she had the opportunity, as a former subspecialty division program director and associate professor, to help build a pediatric dermatology clinical and teaching program for medical students, residents, and fellows for about 12 and a half years.

A passionate teacher and writer, Dr. Agim now enjoys discovering new ways to communicate relevant dermatology topics to a variety of audiences, including, most preciously, her patients and their families.


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