Sagis Resident Education Overview

Providing Collaborative and Comprehensive Resident Education Opportunities

Sagis takes great pride in offering extensive resident education and training opportunities for the next generation of exceptional medical professionals. We offer a variety of educational resources for dermatology and podiatry medical students and residents, in addition to connecting them with post-resident and fellowship opportunities.

Learn more about our collaborative and specialized resident education opportunities designed with you in mind.

Dermpath CORE Exam Review

Sagis’ Dermpath CORE Exam Review is a comprehensive curriculum designed to help residents prepare for CORE and Applied Examinations. Whether you are applying for a dermatology residency, are currently in a residency program, or are pursuing a dermpath fellowship, you’ll find pearls to help you improve your dermatopathology skills.

Dermpath Happy Hour

Our Dermpath Happy Hour library is an extensive collection of educational videos hosted by Dr. Tom Davis and other industry experts.

The videos cover various topics, from CPCs and neoplasms to dermpath basics, inflammatory conditions, and cysts.

Dermatology Educational Resources

Alongside our dermatopathology educational resources, we proudly offer access to a diverse range of materials from leading experts in pediatric, surgical, and general dermatology, enabling an expansive and accessible learning experience for medical students and residents.

This collection of resources underscores our commitment to fostering the growth and expertise of residents in dermatology, ensuring they have access to the latest knowledge and best practices in the field.

Tots To Teens Tidbits (T4)

In 2023, we launched our newest virtual learning sessions, Tots to Teens Tidbits (T4), focused on pediatric dermatology. In these bite-size educational sessions, you will gain an understanding of dermatologic diagnoses, procedures, and insights specific to pediatric dermatology, all from leading experts in the field.

Additionally, Dr. Bree and her guest speakers will provide techniques for supporting pediatric patients’ social and emotional needs during procedures.

Podiatric Residency Training

We take pride in designing unique training and educational resources for podiatric residency programs across the country.

Our mission is to empower the next generation of podiatrists and support the ongoing advancement of the podiatric field, ensuring a bright and innovative future.

Post Residency & Fellowship

Sagis offers an easy, personalized connection between you and the wide variety of opportunities available after your residency or fellowship.

No matter what you may be looking for, we’re here to help.

See What Our Residents Are Saying…

As a practicing dermatologic surgeon, I have worked closely with Sagis for over a decade. Their pathologists eagerly reach out to clarify patient clinical scenarios that can affect the diagnosis. I also personally see microscope slides prepared by Sagis weekly and can attest to the high quality of tissue processing and staining.

Dr. Arash Kimyai-Asadi

Our practice has had an excellent experience with Sagis. Turn around time is good, the pathologists are responsive to questions, and the quality of the reports is great. Dr. Nicole Bender in particular is fabulous!

Dr. Anne Fender

My dermatopathologists have been excellent both in their detailed, accurate pathology readings of lesions, as well as in their responsiveness to clinical photos and history when the patients are experiencing eruptions. When a patient has a melanoma diagnosis, Sagis reaches out to me to make me acutely aware.

Dr. Jessica Parsons