Resident Education


Sagis emphasizes its role in resident education by being heavily involved in the teaching and training of residents and assisting them in their professional and academic pursuits.

By hosting daily consensus conferences and annual diagnostic competitions and board reviews, we strive to develop a mastery level of dermatopathology resident comprehension.


is You.

How do we do that?

One of Sagis’ passions is to offer support to resident dermatologists and dermatopathologists-in-training for clinical practice and in furthering both their professional and academic careers. Upon entering residencies in their chosen areas of specialty, support is provided to individuals in pursuit of specializations through fellowships after their residency. During the three year-residency programs, Sagis works with respective schools to develop opportunities for one-on-one mentorship with our team of doctors.


Clinical Rotation

At our Houston and Austin locations, we offer resident doctors extensive training into the function of the tissue lab, the essential processes behind dermatopathologists diagnoses, and we introduce them to every aspect of the business process. From the handling of clinics to the internal directives behind billing insurance companies and caring for patients, we care to involve our residents on every aspect of the business guidelines and how it functions to support the diagnosis.

To learn more, contact us below and let us know what are you interested in.


Summer internships

Every year, Sagis prepares a summer internship program for pre and post-medical medical backgrounds, undergraduate business entrepreneurships, and those interested to learn more about operations and development in the medical industry. To apply, send in an inquiry to



Submit the form below to let us know more about what you are seeking to do during your three-year residency. We’d like to know in which school you are currently enrolled in and what sort of specialization are you interested to pursue. We have a list of opportunities to match you up with and our team will reach out to help connect you to those opportunities. (This area should connect to Job Board concept – attached PDF. Probably best to keep this as a job board PDF that way I can update and change it out when needed and keep it connected to one link.).